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Super Grip® 
Non-Skid Fabric Coating

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Super Grip® is an air-dry, non-yellowing tackified synthetic rubber coating that bonds to most types of fabrics to prevent skidding and slipping on slick surfaces. The resulting coating, similar to rubber cement, stops skidding of throw rugs, bath mats, and slip covers. Use on armchair covers, clothes hangers and place mats too!

Super Grip® durable rubber formula is machine washable and stays flexible.  Stops skidding and won’t shift like other non-slip products and stops skidding on most types of surfaces:  concrete, ceramic, wood, tiles and carpet.  Non-yellowing and won’t transfer.or pick up dirt or lint.


100's of uses in the house, car, garage or even outdoors!

Super Grip® is the finest non-skid coating available and is perfect for use on fabric cushions, throw rugs, clothes hangers, athletic grips, and tablecloths.

Will stop skidding on wood, tile, and carpet, when properly applied.

Super Grip® is washable, remains flexible and will not transfer from applied surface to any other surface.

Ideal for:

  • Throw rugs
  • Bath mats
  • Slip covers
  • Use on armchair covers, clothes hangers and place mats too

Available Size: 326 gram Aerosol can.


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Apply to the back of throw rugs, placemats, dollies, runners, furniture covers Apply to improve sport grips Spray on hangers to eliminate slipping.
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