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Home, Garden, Hobbies & Craft Uses.

Plasti Dip® and the Performix Range
can be used on a wide variety of applications in the Home, Garden, Hobbies & Crafts areas, some examples are:

• Waterproof wooden window planters.
• Repair pinholes in shutters.
• Seal gutters.
• Used on garden tools.
• Colour code keys.
• Coat various substrates for long-term underground storage.
• Inside wheelbarrows to provide rust & scratch resistance.
• Coat bed rails.
• Coat rope ends to prevent fraying or unraveling.
• Protect against discolouration on action figures.
• Making hands & feet for action figures.
• Waterproof steering & throttle servos on Remote Control Cars.

PLASTI DIP®  is not just for tool handles.        

Ideal for:

Weatherproofing paper maps or fabric tear resistant (use clear Plasti-Dip).

  • Slip proofing foot rests.
  • Adding or improving grip and color coding tool handles.
  • Weatherproof/sealing clay pots.
  • Coat and seal arts and crafts
  • Protect lawn care equipment
  • Repair/waterproof electrical connections.
  • Rope & Fabrics: weatherproof, seal frayed string or rope ends, prevents rotting
  • Apply to bottom of chair/table legs to prevent damage and slipping.
  • Wood:  Seals and protects from weathering and prevents splinters.
  • Metal:  Reduces vibration, deadens sound, prevents corrosion, insulates electrically and from extreme temperatures.
  • Glass:  shatterproofs glass objects (available in clear)
  • Plastics:  protects delicate surfaces from scratches
  • Rubber:  weatherproofs, wear resistant
  • Used in model making and remote control cars, planes, etc.

Super Grip® -   Ideal for:

  • Throw rugs
  • Bath mats
  • Slip covers
  • Use on armchair covers, clothes hangers and place mats too!