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Plasti Dip Your Car
Plasti Dip Pre-thinned (ready for spraying) now available.
This car was recently re-sprayed with Plasti Dip Matt Black.  We have other Plasti Dip matt colours available including, 3.78 litre Fluorescent colours and phosphorescent (glow in the dark). We also have Tints-All Colourants so that you can customise your colour. 
Our new Plasti Dip Glossifier 311gram Aerosol Spray is designed as a top coat for regular Plasti Dip and will turn the matt Plasti Dip Finish into a gloss finish. The more coats you add the glossier the finish.
We also have available Silver Metalizer and Gold Metalizer 311gram Aerosol Spray which is designed as a top coat over Plasti Dip.  These will give a gold or silver metallic finish to your Plasti Dip whilst still allowing the original Plasti Dip colour to show through.
Plasti Dip Smoke is now available - Plasti Dip Smoke is a special formulation with a translucent, black-gray color. It's distinctive look is great for automotive projects and 1,001 other uses. Plasti Dip Smoke will give your custom car—or any project—a one-of-a-kind look.
Unique among Plasti Dip varieties, Plasti Dip Smoke's colour changes gradually as more coats are added. After just one or two coats, it's a light, smoky gray. Each additional coat gives Plasti Dip Smoke a darker, deeper hue—from gray to charcoal to black, all with the same distinct smokiness.
Like all types of Plasti Dip, Plasti Dip Smoke creates a protective coating that protects against abrasion, corrosion, mild impact, and the elements. It can be applied to nearly any substrate surface, and creates a soft, rubbery, easy-grip surface.
Please contact us if you have any questions.  There are many instructional videos on YouTube showing how to Plasti Dip your car, car badges, wheel rims, do pinstriping and more (see a few links below).
bling photo 4.JPG
This car has been sprayed by Bling Designs in Matt Black
This car was recently re-sprayed by one of our customers with Plasti Dip Matt Black and a Wagner Spray Gun from Bunnings. This was the first time they had tried to spray a vehicle and are very happy with the end results.The wheel rims are sprayed using 311 gram Plasti Dip Aerosol - Colour Matt Black.The car body is sprayed with Plasti Dip Matt Black thinned with Plasti Dip Thinners by 50%.Materials Used:Wheel Rims:4 x Plasti Dip 311 gram Aerosol Cans - Colour Matt Black Car Body: 1 x 3.78 litre Plasti Dip UV Matt Black 1 x 3.78 litre Plasti Dip Thinners.
Pre-thinned Plasti Dip 3.78 litres now available for Spraying. Average Usage: 2 x 3.78 litres for an small vehicle and 3 x 3.78 litres for a medium vehicle and 4 x 3.78 litre for Large SUV/Truck  Usage has many variables, colour of Plasti Dip, Colour you are spraying, weather conditions, how much overspray you have., etc.
Black or other colours available.
WOW!!!!  Our customer sent us these photos of their vehicle which has it's wheels sprayed with Matt Red Plasti Dip 311 gram Aerosol.  
Materials used:  5 x 311 Gram Plasti Dip Red Aerosol Spray.