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There is a new Australian Standard AS/NZ 2088 which requires all Pram and Stroller Brakes to be bright red so they are more obvious and comes into force 1st July, 2008.
Plasti Dip Flexible rubber coating is available in bright red and also in fluorescent red and is the ideal solution for painting/spraying/dipping onto Pram/Stroller brake pedals to make them conform to this new standard.




Available Colours:
Plastidip Colours.png




Plasti Dip

Synthetic Rubber Coating

Multi-purpose air dry, synthetic rubber coating that can be easily applied by spraying, brushing or dipping. Plasti Dip resists moisture, acids, abrasion, corrosion, skidding/slipping, and provides a comfortable, controlled grip. Plasti Dip protective coating remains flexible, stretchy and will not become brittle or crack in extreme weather conditions; -30°F to 200°F. Plasti Dip can be applied to anything that paint is applied to and more.

Available in 311 gram UV Aerosol, 429ml, 651ml, 3.78 litre, 18.9 litre.  (189 ltr  drums to Order)

UV and Fluorescent Formulas Available.



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Red Plasti Dip 311gr Aero
ed 311 gram Aerosol Can Plasti Dip UV Formula Multi-Purpose Peelable Flexible...View Details
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Plasti Dip 429ml Red
Red 429ml Plasti Dip Non-UV Multi-Purpose Flexible Rubber Coating.View Details
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