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Other Solutions


Other "Solutions"
Since the 1970's Plasti Dip International has been the recognized leader in flexible / elastomeric coating, sealant and adhesive "Solutions"




New Products

These flexible "Solutions" include products used by manufacturers of electronics, fishing tackle, netting, fabric belts, vinyl repair products, contact adhesives, fire retardant coatings, conductive, fluorescent [neon], phosphorescent [glow in dark] coatings, specialty coating used in "Spheres" project on the International Space Station, shatter-proof bulbs and specialty lamps, water base, non-flammable and low VOC alternatives and so many more. Contact us for assistance with your unique application.
NASA Spheres Projectphoto courtesy of NASA

Today Plasti Dip International supplies the very best manufacturers in the industry and continues to advance it's flexible / elastomeric coating technology and sets a higher standard with each new development.


"Solutions" for many other manufacturing challenges include:  

Safety Coating / shatterproof glass… florescent lamps, lab ware Electronics… protect and seal circuit boards, connections…
Acrylic coatings, dip coating & pvc coating for industrial market

Netting… seals net material and prevents rotting…
Fishing Industry using custom coatings and adhesives
Fabric… edge sealing, fray protection
Elastomeric coating for fabrics

Vinyl Repair…

protective coating for foam
Fishing Tackle…

Florescent and glow in the dark colors…
Foam shapes with acrylic coatings

Fire retardant coatings…

Conductive coatings… military
Elastomeric coating for wood products