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Plasti Dip®, the original and the best for over 30 years.
"Yeah - Plastidip®.  I have found 1000 uses for that stuff.... now I have 1001!
Statement captured from a consumer on the web after it was suggested to use Plasti Dip to complete a project

It’s Not Just For Tool



Repair rips in speaker heads

Coat Steering wheels of N-series Tractors

Eliminate the shine from mounting brackets

Coat metal studs

Coat throttle control pedal

Replace leather wrappings on clutch &  brake levers

Coat battery trays & terminals

Seal alltronics motors

Seal holes in diaphragms

Eliminate rattling on chains of a hitch lock

Coat threads of clutches

Used for mirror repair

Coat magnetic reed switches

Used on brake & clutch levers

Used on temperature gauges

Waterproofing distributors

Protecting valve seats & stems during storage

Repair plug wire separators

Coat heater hose brackets

Protect mounting bar for positive/negative posts

Create non-slip brake lever

Acid/rust inhibitor for steel battery boxes

Coat roof rack mounts for cargo carriers

Waterproofing wire on spark terminals

Coat the bulbs of running lights

Refinishing black plastic moulding on cars

Undercoating for plastic fender flares

Coat rocker panels

Restore & stop cracking of rubber boots

Coat J hooks that are used to hold batteries in place

Seal cable wires

Seal sleeves for LEDS

Refurbish wire looms

Used for defroster bezels

Repair cracked rubber on manifold parts

Repair broken and cracked steering wheels

Coat choke cable to prevent moisture and chemicals from freezing the cable

Coat the base of side mirror on car

Coat screen on RV filtering system

Spray on seat braces and cross members

Sprayed to dampen front brakes

Used on bumpers and bed liners

Used on tire iron to eliminate scratching mag wheels

Coat hard idle wrenches

Marine & Watercraft

Used on composite tubing for kayak carry loops

Used on cable-end eye loops on kayaks

Coat fishing sinkers to prevent scratching boats

Seal handmade canoes

Coating lead eyes for fly-fishing

Protect the keel of kayaks

Protect carbon kayak paddle edges

Coat mounting brackets for transporting kayaks & canoes

Protect crankbaits from chipping

Insulate foam for bulkheads on kayaks

Seal cracked coils on boat motors

Seal entire electric motor from saltwater

Insulate solder lugs from saltwater

Seal seams on wet suits

Coat and colour code rope ends

Coat cables on watercraft

Coat junction box on outboard motor to keep water out

Dip rudder cable termination loops

Sporting Goods

Used on decoy weight to eliminate scratching

Coat transmitter on WB2HOL for fox hunting

Coat scope rings of hunting guns

Coat eye bolts for bowhunting

Refinishing old lathe for gunsmithing

Repair clam type houses

Over coating for fly-fishing lures s

Coat fishing jigs, sinkers, weights & eyes

Add glitter to create fly-fishing lures

Seal steel duck blinds

Seal seams of haul bags

Seal saltwater flies

Lobster & crab traps

Used on hockey sticks



Used to seal underground wiring

Seals holes in electronic circuit boards

Waterproof outdoor connections & connectors

Coat exposed solder joints on circuit boards

Eliminate vibration on RF connections

Waterproof robot electronics

Coat electrical transforms for raceway power track

Coat micro-receiver & electronics on a model submarine

Coat electronic thermometer probe

Insulate solid copper wire on electrolytic tanks

Used on compression terminal block

Waterproof/insulate soldered connections for outlet boxes

Keep moisture out of exterior coax connectors

Colour code & insulate toggle switches

Eliminate corona leakage of coils

Repair extension cords

Seal electronic box holes

Seal silver foil speaker cables

Recoat "mittens" from alligator clips

Hobby/ Crafts

Preserving dried flowers

Seal pinholes & tears on camera bellows

Used in making gumball facemasks

Used to modify character masks

Used in making special clocks

Protect against discoloration on action figures

Repair pinholes in STARLAB domes

Used to make track treads on robots

Keep action figures from cracking when bending & shaping

Coating a mould for robes on action figures

Used to add accessories to masks

Create knees for robots

Protect artefacts from being damaged

Used on hat brims to prevent tearing

Coat metal tripods to protect glass lamp shades

Sealing the Trooper costume to eliminate noise

Distorting sound on piano attenuator switches

Coat battery trays in robot frames

Coat wire on wooden art sculpture

Used on arm of battery-operated truck model

Sealing foam masks

Coat bar end weights & levers

Attached forearms of action figures

Coat bouncy balls for billiard manipulation

Making monster masks

Improve traction on R/C car tyres

Create rubber eyecups on eyeglasses

Waterproof servo on R/C race cars

Restore eyecup on camera

Seal bottles that contain a message & released in the ocean

Coat the bottom of slippers

Coat ballast plugs for model airplanes

Protect the nose of remote-controlled aircraft/airplanes

Coat brake ducts on car replicas

Dip guitar finger picks to eliminate slippage

Dip tweezers to eliminate damage to gemstones

Making fake food

Eliminate graying of plastic human torch heads

Coat gripper tool for handicapped

Used in making Pawpad gloves

Used in making robot legs

Protect the finish of command action figures

Cover tips & outer booms on remote-controlled airplanes

Making parts for miniature car replicas

Coat plant weights on aquatic plants

Used in blacksmithing on various metals

Used to make scenic props

Coat sponges

Re-create rubber on model cars

De-gray Mego Heads on action figures

Sprayed paper for durability

Make boots, gloves & vest for action figures

Coat sculpture & base

Coat jaws of modified hemostats for gripping protection


Used on cutting tool/wire strippers

Used on needle tools

Dip tool handles

Coat horticultural tools

Home & Garden

Coat PVC homemade antenna

Coat A/S antenna to eliminate the shiny stainless steel mast

Waterproof wooden window planters

Coat padded stainless steel shower seat for handicapped

Repair pinholes in shutters

Seal gutters

Used on garden tools

Coat plant weights

Weatherproofing outdoor patio cushions

Colour code keys

Coat metal doorknobs for grip

Coat artificial food items

Shatterproof glass

Coat valve body on wet/dry vac

Coat lawnballs

Coat bottom of book holder to prevent slipping & scratching

Coat garden hose nozzles for grip & bright colour

Coat various substrates for long-term underground storage

Coat terra cotta clay pots, removable if desired

Coat rain gauges

Coat underground pet sensors

Waterproof fountains

Sprayed inside wheelbarrow to prevent rust & scratch resistance

Coat bed rails

Coat dumbbell weights for protection & safety

Used on pruning shears


Used on circuit boards

Coat steel bolts

Coat jewellery remover for the handicapped

Used during manufacture of tester for mould makers

Reinforcing plating for HMD

Building percussion instruments (cymbals & triangles)

Coat steel piping

Coat RP parts

Coat & protect manufactured mannequin heads & hands

Coat electrometric materials for toothbrush handles

& pen barrels

Seal threads in drain fittings on agitated tanks

Coat Crystal Stix, toys for kids

Coat wire mask for baseball catchers & umpires

Coat metal fingers of assembly line to prevent breaking glass

Coat medical blower to keep contaminants out

Improve grip on medical instruments

Insulate fibreglass blocks

Coat foam

Coat malting trays to protect from sulphur, chlorine & water

Coat forklifts to prevent scratching

Coat golf ball baskets

Coat & seal valves

Coat metal brackets

Used on spherical balls of heliodon for teaching geometry of sunlight

Coat prototype models

Coat BOD bottles to eliminate penetrating light

Etching, Masking & Plating

Hold photos in place

Mask lens to be painted

Masking during sandblasting/removable

Masking gemstones prior to sandblasting cracks

Coat fastener & copper wire to prevent corrosion from plating solution

Use as masking agent during etching of signs, then removed

Animal & Outdoor Environment

Coat cable ties that hold snapping turtles when collecting data

Used on compressible foam for composites

Waterproofing underwater acoustics

Electrical insulator for acrylic aquarium tanks

Create dark conditions for biological oxygen bottles

Seal angle iron probe for reef aquarium tanks

Waterproofing Aero Cloner in aquariums

Cover sharp edges on animal cages

Repair suspended-sediment sampler

Insulate soldered connections on micro reef lighting equipment

Used on Iguana cages

Used for cable insulation & protection

Waterproof microphone

Coat cable stems for mountain climbing

Coat cage floors at animal shelter

Coat underground storage tanks

This list was generated from a recently conducted web search for Plasti Dip® uses. Similar uses were not duplicated for this report.  The intention of this list is to generate ideas. There may be no limit for what Plasti Dip® can be used for!  Plasti Dip International cannot control the application and use of its products and therefore cannot assume any responsibility other than product replacement.