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PLASTI DIP® typical uses: 

  • Coat PVC homemade antenna
  • Coat A/S antenna to eliminate the shiny stainless steel mast
  • Waterproof wooden window planters
  • Repair pinholes in shutters
  • Seal gutters
  • Used on garden tools
  • Coat plant weights
  • Weatherproofing outdoor patio cushions
  • Colour code keys
  • Coat metal doorknobs for grip
  • Shatterproof glass
  • Coat valve body on wet/dry vac
  • Coat lawnballs
  • Coat garden hose nozzles for grip & bright colour
  • Coat various substrates for long-term underground  Storage
  • Coat terra cotta clay pots, removable if desired
  • Coat rain gauges
  • Coat underground pet sensors
  • Waterproof fountains
  • Sprayed inside wheelbarrow to prevent rust & assist scratch resistance
  • Used on pruning shears

 Animal & Outdoor Environment

  • Coat cable ties that hold snapping turtles when collecting data
  • Used on compressible foam for composites
  • Waterproofing underwater acoustics
  • Electrical insulator for acrylic aquarium tanks
  • Create dark conditions for biological oxygen bottles
  • Seal angle iron probe for reef aquarium tanks
  • Waterproofing Aero Cloner in aquariums
  • Cover sharp edges on animal cages
  • Repair suspended-sediment sampler
  • Insulate soldered connections on micro reef lighting equipment
  • Used on Iguana cages
  • Used for cable insulation & protection
  • Waterproof microphone
  • Coat cable stems for mountain climbing
  • Coat cage floors at animal shelter
  • Coat underground storage tanks
HCF Multi-Purpose Acrylic Coating

Replacement for Plasti-Dip Rust Stopper! 

Typical applications:

To stop and prevent rust on metal, excellent on plastic, wood and more - no primer necessary.

  • Painting AntennaTowers
  • Protecting and colour coding transformers, coils, tools, fixtures and brackets, oil handling equipment, heavy machinery, chain link fence components.
  • Use on concrete, masonry.