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In 1972, Plasti Dip International invented and manufactured Plasti Dip®, a multi-purpose rubber coating, for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Although Plasti Dip® became well know as a “tool handle coating”; the Do-It-Yourselfer soon discovered hundreds of new application ideas with outstanding results. Today Plasti Dip® is used in the home and workplace like never before. For example, did you know that Plasti Dip® can be used in shipyards, auto body shops, machine shops, hospitals, and for government applications…just to name a few?

And there is no need to limit your ability to identify possibilities and discoveries with just Plasti Dip®. Today, Plasti Dip International manufacture a wide variety of specialty coatings and adhesives that provide just as many ideas for uses and applications. For example, ReRACK dishwasher rack touch-up is used to make just about any coated wire rack look new. Additionally, Vinyl repair products have almost endless uses… some of them likely not even discovered yet!

Please take a look at the products and imagine the possibilities… and when you experience that “aha” application idea, please tell us about it… we love to hear how The Performix Range of products provide real solutions to your ideas and needs.

Commercial Solutions

Plasti Dip International OEM Division specializes in developing, manufacturing and supporting unique, high quality flexible coatings and offer a full line of industry leading coatings or will work with you to modify or "build from scratch" a product that meets your exact specifications, application method, cost and environmental parameters.

Plasti Dip Internation lab staff has over 100 years of combined formulating, application and compliance experience to help you meet your needs in a timely and cost effective manner. They offer custom colour matching, physical testing, prototype services, small sample runs, pre-production assistance.

Industries Plasti Dip OEM Division supports include foam cushioning and protection products, concrete, steel, glass, wood, fabrics, plastics and electronics to name a few…

The OEM Division supplies industry leaders in manufacturing of:

Medical positioning products for Operating Room and Imaging products Foam coating and cushioning for the medical industry
EMS EMS using different coatings for foam    Foam coating and protection for lifeguard equipment
Sound deadening products used in heavy equipment Foam coating & coatings for foam inside manufacturing equipment
Metal Protection Protection with Foam coating & coatings for foam
Foam balls and toys  
Therapy products Foam Coating for Medical Products and Equipment
Pressure relieving wheel chair seating Coatings for foam chairs
Artificial skin for Prosthetics and manequins
Pool and spa products, pool floats, loungers and life vests and spa pillows floats    Coatings for foam Pool & Spa Products
Costumes for theater and various life size characters


Martial Arts protective gear Protective coatings for foam
Military protective gear Military protective gear
Novelty items such as key fobs can coolers, seat cushions  
Exercise mats and wrestling mats Synthetic vinyl coating for exercise mats and wrestling mats
Concrete and metal applications specialty coating for concrete and metal applications
Safety coatings/ shatter proofing glass products, light bulbs neon lights and lab glassware. protective coating for shatter proofing glass products

let 03.jpg

Fishing tackle Protective coatings for fishing tackle
Net protection Specialty Coatings for the ship equipment
I.S.S. [International Space Station] Custom Coatings and Adhesives for the Space Industry    Coating and Adhesives for the Aerospace Program
photos courtesy of NASA
Fabric edge protection Elastomeric coating for fabric edges
Conductive coatings  
Fire retardant coatings Protective coatings for shatter proofing glass products
Glow in the dark


Fluorescent colors What kind of Coating would fit here?