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Power Sports

Yamaha Raptor 660R ATV

Comment from Plasti Dip® User.
"I had a problem that Plasti Dip solved.
I drag race a Yamaha Raptor 660R & I use a wheelie bar.

To keep the wheelie bar mount from scratching the chrome swing arm I coated the mount with Plasti Dip. It was the first time that I've used Plasti Dip & I was impressed. It left a tough pliable coat of rubber & now it won't scratch my expensive swing arm."

"I had a bunch left so I gathered up all my tie down straps that had worn or missing coating from the hooks & re-coated all of them. That saved me from having to buy new tie down straps or having the bare metal scratch up what they were tying down."

Dave Harris


Other Uses

Plasti Dip® and the Performix Range can be used on a wide variety of applications in the automotive & power sports areas, some examples are;

•Seal holes in diaphragms.
• Waterproofing distributors and other ignition items.
• Acid/Rust inhibitor for steel battery boxes, trays & terminals.
• Refinishing black plastic molding on cars.
• Used on tyre iron to eliminate scratching of mag wheels.
•Protecting and restoring rubber bushing mounts.

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