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Our Pro FX Spectral Pigments add a whole new level

to decorating and detailing with Plasti Dip.

In cooperation with one of the world's premier pigment manufacturers, we offer a range of non-metallic effect pigments that are a step above common pearl additives. Our pigments are designed for consistent colour, effect, and long term UV stability. The colours and effects created by our pigments are based on reflection and refraction of light through the pigment structure. This gives you highlights and subtle colour shifts that enhance the final look and can't be achieved with standard colours.


The wide range of colors and effects available.SPECTRAL EFFECTS PIGMENTS OVER BLACK



To achieve the best finish possible, we recommend a layered approach.

  • First, apply your base colour. This can be any colour of Plasti Dip. Our illustrations typically show a base of black Plasti Dip but any colour can be used.
  • Second, apply the effect pigment layer. This is our effect pigment mixed with Clear Plasti Dip Sprayable. Our pigments allow you to subtly alter the intended finish by controlling the ratio of pigment to Plasti Dip. We recommend a low ratio of pigment to Plasti Dip, anywhere from 5 g to 25 g per 3.78 litres.

     Our Best Results have been a mix of 5 grams pigment to 3.78 litres Plasti Dip.

    This is much lower than recommended for other pigment brands. This allows the maximum light dispersion within the pigments and gives you t
    he highest level of enhancement. Lower pigment levels highlight the effects and give a glossier sheen. Higher levels give you saturated colour and a satin sheen.
  • Third, if you want a high gloss sheen, apply a layer of Plasti Dip Glossifier. This really lets the effect pigments shine.

Keys to proper application and consistent results include proper measuring, and thorough mixing, including wetting wetting out of the pigments. Our pigments are packaged in 5 gram portions to make this easy.

For mixing and application please see our video for detailed instructions.


Spectral Pigments look Awesome

Our Pro FX spectral pigment's colour changing, sparkle,and glitter produce an extremely broad range of colors and effects. You will be amazed by the broad pallet you can create by using existing Plasti Dip base colors and our pigments. With these Pro FX effect pigments, Standard Colours, Fluoros and Blazes look awesome. With a long lasting UV stability, fading of the base coat, including Fluoros, is minimized. 


All of the examples shown were applied using Preval Aerosol Sprayer or Earlex HVLP sprayer. For experimentation and small batches, the Preval sprayers are an excellent choice while the Earlex sprayer makes easy work of the big jobs.


For mixing and application please see video for detailed instructions.




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