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let 04 group.jpgLiquid Electrical Tape and Spray Electrical Insulation. 

Liquid Tape is a rubber coating for use as electrical tape and insulation. This flexible coating exhibits excellent protection from acid, alkaline, and abrasion, as wells as sealing out moisture and salt permanently.  Liquid Tape has the strongest dielectric protection on the market; 1,200 v/mil, 5 – 7 mils per coat. Our rubber based coating will not harden, unravel or become brittle in extreme weather conditions like our competitors' vinyl based product.

Trouble Free, won't unravel like electrical tape.

Electrically insulates to over 1380 Volts/mil


Available in 118ml Brush in Cap  in Red and Black and in 170gram Arerosols in Black and Clear.
Liquid Tape is excellent for use in:

Manufacturing to insulate, protect and colour code connections.

Manufacturing of electrical connections and components for boats, trailers, RVs, autos and trucks, timers, outdoor wiring, instruments, computers, circuit boards, switches, and more.

 Liquid Tape Insulates cables, electronics, outdoor lighting, underground wiring, alarms, security systems, utility trailers.

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  Protect electrical connections on wires, cables, alarms, electronics.

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Finally! Liquid Tape in a sprayable can.

Far better than sticky cable seal or silicone and now even easier to use! Special nozzle keeps overspray to a minimum and the can size is perfect for quick access and portability! We are proud to be among the first to offer this great new product!

Liquid Electrical Tape is a dielectrical coating which seals out moisture when used on electrical connections, outdoor antenna connectors, under-hood auto repairs, accessory light connections and to water/weatherproof wire nut connectors. Use to repair damaged extension cord casings, landscape/pool wiring, boat trailer connections, etc. Easily removed from non-porous surfaces.

Now more than ever, we highly recommend Liquid Tape over any other weatherproofing for antennas, cables and connectors!

Takes the place of electrical tape by providing electrical insulation to hard-to-reach places. Pinpoints circuit board connections.

Liquid Tape Aerosol is being used in Australia on computer and air-conditoner circuit boards to protect against creatures shorting out the boards.

Available in 170 gram Aerosol Spray.  Available Colours: Black and Clear.
Electrically insulates to over 1380 Volts/mil

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Black LET 118ml Brush On
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Red LET 118ml Brush On
Liquid Electrical Tape, Flexible ubber Insulation Coating, 118ml Can - Colour...View Details
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Black LET Aero 170gram
Liquid Electrical Tape Flexible Rubber Insulating Coating - 170 Gram Aerosol...View Details
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Clear LET Aero 170gram
Clear, 170 Gram Aerosol Can Liquid Electrical Tape Flexible Rubber Insulating...View Details
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