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Recreational Vehicles & Marine Uses

Plasti Dip® and the Performix Range can be used on a wide variety of applications in the Recreational Vehicle & Marine areas, some examples are;

•        Protect carbon kayak paddle edges.

•        Protect Keel of Kayaks

•        Used on composite tubing for kayak carry loops

•        Seal handmade canoes 

•        Coat mounting brackets for transporting kayaks and canoes

•        Insulate foam for bulkheads on kayaks

•        Seal entire electric motor from saltwater

•        Seal cracked coils on boat motors

•        Coat electrical cables on watercraft.

•        Coat and colour code rope ends.

•        Coat underside of loose items in RV's to stop from sliding while driving.

•        Coat LPG gas bottles, hoses & fittings

•        Seal and waterproof boat trailer and caravan electrical connections

•        Insulate and protect marine pumps.

•        Dip rubber cable termination loops

•        Coat cables on watercraft.

•        Insulate solder lugs from saltwater.

•        Seal seams on wetsuits.

•        Dip rudder cable termination loops

•        Dip fishing sinkers to prevent damage to boat