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Other Equipment Manufacturers & Manufacturing Uses

Plasti Dip® and the Performix Range can be used on a wide variety of applications in the O.E.M & Manufacturing areas, some examples are;


Used on

  • Used on circuit boards
  • Coat steel piping bolts
  • Coat jewellery remover for the handicapped
  • Used during manufacture of tester for mould makers
  • Reinforcing plating for HMD
  • Building percussion instruments (cymbals & triangles)
  • Coat steel piping


  • Coat RP parts
  • Coat & protect manufactured mannequin heads & hands
  • Coat electrometric materials for toothbrush handles
  • & pen barrels
  • Seal threads in drain fittings on agitated tanks
  • Coat Crystal Stix, toys for kids


  • Coat wire mask for baseball catchers & umpires
  • Coat metal fingers of assembly line to prevent breaking glass
  • Coat medical blower to keep contaminants out
  • Improve grip on medical instruments
  • Insulate fibreglass blocks
  • Coat foam
  • Coat malting trays to protect from sulphur, chlorine & water
  • Coat forklifts to prevent scratching
  • Coat golf ball baskets
  • Coat & seal valves
  • Coat metal brackets
  • Used on spherical balls of heliodon for teaching geometry of sunlight
  • Coat prototype models
  • Coat BOD bottles to eliminate penetrating light