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Typical Applications for Automotive


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Truck and Trailer Electricals

Liquid Electrical Tape is used to insulate, waterproof and protect prime mover to trailer connections.


Plasti Dip®:    Ideal For

  • Wheel Rims
  • Car Badges
  • Coat your Whole Car
  • Coat Bumper Bars
  • Repair rips in speaker heads
  • Coat steering wheels of N-Series Tractors
  • Eliminate the shine from mounting brackets
  • Coat metal studs
  • Coat throttle control pedal
  • Replace leather wrappings on clutch &  brake levers
  • Coat battery trays & terminals
  • Seal alltronics motors
  • Seal holes in diaphragms
  • Eliminate rattling on chains of a hitch lock
  • Coat threads of clutches
  • Used for mirror repair
  • Coat magnetic reed switches
  • Used on brake & clutch levers
  • Used on temperature gauges
  • Waterproofing distributors
  • Protecting valve seats & stems during storage
  • Repair plug wire separators
  • Coat heater hose brackets
  • Protect mounting bar for positive/negative posts
  • Create non-slip brake lever
  • Acid/rust inhibitor for steel battery boxes
  • Coat roof rack mounts for cargo carriers
  • Waterproofing wire on spark terminals
  • Coat the bulbs of running lights
  • Refinishing black plastic moulding on cars
  • Undercoating for plastic fender flares
  • Coat rocker panels
  • Restore & stop cracking of rubber boots
  • Coat J hooks that are used to hold batteries in place
  • Seal cable wires
  • Seal sleeves for LEDS
  • Refurbish wire looms
  • Used for defroster bezels
  • Repair cracked rubber on manifold parts
  • Repair broken and cracked steering wheels
  • Coat choke cable to prevent moisture and chemicals   From freezing the cable
  • Coat the base of side mirror on car
  • Coat screen on RV filtering system
  • Spray on seat braces and cross member
  • Sprayed to dampen front brakes
  • Used on bumpers and bed liners
  • Used in tyre iron to eliminate scratching mag wheels
  • Coat hard idle wrench
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