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No Electricity Required

Portable and Quiet

Sprays almost all paints and liquids

Includes two portable compressor units

Multiple tips: fanspray and hairline detail

Compatible with most shop compressors

Power dusting, cleaning and drying attachments.

System Includes:

   The vFan Airbrush
   Two Portable Compressor Units
   Multiple tips for flexible spray patterns
   Preval Air Hose
   Preval Air Regulator
   1oz, 3oz and 6oz Product Containers
   Lids and Couplers for all
   Additional needle
   Additional black fittings for dusting and drying
   Tool set for securing attachments
   Parts Instructions and How-To Manual (English/Spanish)

The first, and the industry's most innovative airbrush that turns into a air gun. The 3" fan and 1/16th" detail pattern spray system is amazing and easier to switch out than any system in the market. Amazing portability use for touch-ups and works with air compressors. The vFan Portable Airbrush system is used for precision paint and material dispensing, touch-ups and surface repairs , surface preparation and curing. Its technology-based system can be found in production facilities globally.

Made in the USA, it serves diverse markets, including the appliance, automotive, aerospace, arts, bookbinding, craft and hobby, container, converting, electronics, food and beverage, furniture, home improvement, life sciences and medical, light emitting diodes (LED), metal finishing, marine, new home resurfacing, non-woven, packaging, scrap booking, semiconductor and solar energy and textile industries. The complete vFan System includes the vFan Airbrush (made from Stainless, Brass and with added coatings to protect against solvents), 6' air hose, 2 portable units of 150 Feet of ENERGY, air regulator, fan air cap, standard air cap for detail, additional needles, multiple product containers, dip tubes, a bilingual instruction manual and so much more!

No matter what the finish is. No matter where the touch-up is. The stainless steel and brass designed vFan Airbrush System is a "work horse" and delivers a 1/16" detail to 3" fan spray pattern when spraying lacquer, exterior/interior paints, wood stains, latex, clear coats, solvent-based paints and more. Where most Touch-up Spray Systems stop at 3" the vFan won't! Completely portable, professional, silent and virtually no-overspray. All backed with a 4o-year tradition of using the best technologies to manufacture the best products. All good reasons to choose the vFan Portable Airbrush System.

   Portable, silent, and made of stainless steel and brass metal.
   First in class, a 1/16" detail to 3" fan spray pattern - simple as switching out the air cap.
   Industrial use - sprays gel coats, clear coats, water based paint, solvent based paint, latex and more.
   Simple to clean
   Even finish

The vFan Portable Airbrush System utilizes its own innovative, eco-friendly aerosol technology for portability. Our compressor units, 150 feet of ENERGY are VOC exempt. 150 Feet of ENERGY contains 7 ounces of ENERGY-- more than enough for your portable "on the fly" paint and touch-up needs. You can expect more than 150 feet of linear paint coverage and between 15 - 40 square feet of paint coverage (depending on paint used) with each portable compressor unit. The vFan Portable Airbrush System is also compatible with most any workshop compressor for larger jobs. Great for dusting off sanding debris as well as drying water.

Ideal for professional product finishes, spray painting small area's, blending colors, and feathering nicks and chips. Excellent for New Residential touch-up work, Industrial touch-up work, Cabinetry touch-up work, Automotive touch-up work, and more. Unlike other Automotive Spray Systems, Airbrushes, etc., the vFan Portable Airbrush System is a fraction of the cost.
The vFan has you covered. And, it's virtually silent.
Made in the U.S.A. 1-year warranty included. Patent-pending.


   Colour Matching
   Texture Effects
   Home Improvement
   Craft and Hobby
   Industrial/Professional Contractors
   All Surface Touch Up
   Beauty Car

(Additional  150 feet of Energy Aerosol Cans and Glass Reservoir Jars are available). 

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