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Preval® is multi-faceted




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Preval is a professional spray system.  The spray system is unique in that it is portable. The system is one disposable Power Unit, with a Preval 100% twist-on glass jar with Polypropylene safety cap.  

  • Portable
  • Disposable
  • No wires or hoses
  • Atomizes almost any liquid
  • Professional Finish comparable to other HVLP Airless Sprayers

  preval spray gun pictures.jpgThe Preval Spray System is the most sold professional cordless sprayer. Preval is also the least expensive professional spray system in the world. Affordable spray technology designed to be disposable, compact and portable. Versatility to atomize most liquids and paint, allowing for great benefit to manufacturers, private label marketers and other professional users alike. The first Preval, established in 1969 was invented by the Precision Valve Corporation. Aftermarket car part manufacturers, automotive paint line managers and professional hair stylists were the first to use the Preval Spray System. Portable to move around any job.
The Preval has a patented valve, button, built in strainer and designed around the venturri vacuum concept. With precision and focus on atomizing almost any type of liquid, including specialty coatings, disinfectants, fixatives, specialty additives, two three component paints, epoxies and stains, it is simply "an incredible spray technology". People can use it anywhere and spray almost any liquid with professional simplicity. Preval is easy to clean, disposable and very easy to carry. The Preval Spray System comes in two parts: a pressurized power unit and a glass or plastic reservoir. Easy to fill. The power unit attaches by twisting the reservoir onto the bottom of the power unit. Preval is also proud of its universally ecofriendly zero CFC technology. The Preval is designed to reduce waste and set up times. It is affordable, refillable, reusable, compliments other spray equipment, and is 100% recyclable. Most notably again the Spray System is completely portable so there is no electricity used, and there is no compressor, no wires, hoses or batteriesto worry about.

  • Ready to spray in seconds with no batteries or hoses
  • Simple for small projects and touch-ups. 
  • Patented spray technology delivers:
  • Comparable performance to other professional airless sprayers 
  • Consistent spray flow for single pass coverage
  • Professional Finish - Quality Results 
  • Integrity is the key. The Spray is magnificent!! 

So, with the emergence of the Do-it-Yourself market the Preval technology will benefit both the professional user and the DIY enthusiast.

Prevals' glass reservoir is designed to store paints, varnishes, lacquers and almost any liquid for longer periods of time than traditional reservoirs. Glass is not permeable nor does it leach. Whether you are color matching, restoring machinery, stenciling, staining a piece of furniture, or need an industrial two component coating, Preval is your choice for fast touch ups and small jobs! Preval offers a professional solution with a precision valve spray that will cover 4 times the amount of liquid compared to traditional aerosol "rattle cans". Furthermore, your liquid is never mixed with propellants in their liquid state, thereby preventing adulteration which destroys the integrity of most products when mixed with propellants. The Preval Sprayer is multi-faceted, a versatile spray applicator for all kinds of liquids, including most waterborne and even latex paints. Spray oil, lacquer, gel coat and more. A professional OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) Sprayer, the Preval is a professional sprayer, and will also compliment other commercial grade sprayers for hard to reach places or small parts. Preval will spray up to 473 mils (16 ounces) of liquid and it easy to clean for any number of projects. Preval is a fraction of the cost of the other professional sprayers and airbrushes in the market.



Cleaning – The Preval Spray Gun makes short work of every clean-up job. Cleaning solutions for windows, counters, doorknobs, fixtures and more all can be applied with ease. Just    fill, attach and spray.  To clean silver or brass, just pour in a liquid solution, spray on and wipe off. For your toughest household cleaning jobs, even oil stains in the garage, you can use industrial-strength solvents.  Preval makes it fast and easy.  

Hobbies – Whether you need to lacquer a holiday wreath, varnish a homemade nicknack, apply fixative to a colour poster or spray paint a model airplane, let Preval make the job simple to do. Small and compact, the Preval Spray Gun gives you professional results

Garden and Plants– All the liquid concentrates you need to    feed your plants go on fast and easy with Preval. You can mix up powder or liquid insecticides, and spray just what’s needed, where it’s needed. You can add just the right amount of fertilizer too.  And when you use a different jar for pure water it’s a quick, easy misting tool. For your green thumb, get Preval.  

Painting– No painting tool on the planet does as much as easily as Preval. The spray gun with a hundred uses, Preval makes short work of the toughest touch-up painting jobs. It’s perfect for smaller scale projects, too – like painting a chair or varnishing a table. Best of all clean-up is a snap. You’ll save time with Preval.

Boat – Think of the endless maintenance jobs involved in owning a boat – keeping fixtures bright and shiny, keeping wood oiled, even keeping the engine oiled.  Now think of the Preval Spray Gun, the all-purpose time saver. Just fill and a quick touch of the button applies every cleaner, polisher and lubricator you need.

Car– Nicks and scratches can lead to rust, your car’s worst enemy.  Protect against them with Preval.   Keep a small amount your car’s paint on hand for perfect colour matching. It’s great for vinyl touch-ups, too.

The no-mold solution – No one wants mold growing anywhere near a home or workplace. One way to kill mold is to spray it with bleach and the fast, easy way to spray just the right amount of bleach on any surface is the Preval Spray Gun.    It’s a smart, sure way to ensure the ecological health of your home. Get rid of mold with Preval!


The Preval Spray Gun can spray epoxy and gel coat. It can spray solvents to clean gunk and grime.  It’s great for interiors, too, because you can fill it with cleaners that work on leather and plastic.  

With Preval, you can keep multiple containers sealed and ready for your next job.  This way, every job from small paint touch-ups to major cleanups will be fast, safe and easy and because Preval lets you use small amounts, there’s no waste.

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Professional painters know the value of the Preval Spray Gun. When time is    money, Preval helps you do more and earn more. Fill the container with whatever paint you’re using. Then every time, for every quick touch-up situation, you’ll get a perfect colour match. No streaking, either. Preval gives you professional results.  

The Preval Spray Gun fits in a pocket so you can always keep it handy. Any time you need a touch up, just use Preval. It makes reaching hard-to-get places effortless. No more lugging heavy equipment up ladders for a little spot. Preval does the job, and it’s easy to carry.  

Fast cleanup is one more way Preval saves you time. Just a short burst with a thinner, cleaner or water, and you’re ready for the next job.  

Make the Preval Spray Gun a permanent part of your tool kit today       



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Professional painters know what a time and labour saver the Preval Spray Gun is.  If you miss a spot, just pour some pre-mixed paint in the Preval Jar.  One quick "pfft" and you're done.

Preval is light and small enough to fit in a pocket, so it's perfect for hard-to-reach places.  Keep the Preval Spray Gun on hand to streamline all your painting jobs.

Factories all over the world rely on the Preval Spray Gun to streamline maintenance tasks. It’s exactly what you need to speed operations and increase productivity.  

Instead of reaching for a big power tool, grab a lightweight, compact Preval Spray Gun. Preval fits in a toolbox. Even a pocket. Keep multiple container jars on hand and you can switch from spraying one liquid to another in seconds.  

There are no wires to get in the way. No cumbersome tubes. No difficult cleanup, either. Cleanup is fast and easy with Preval.  

Any time you need to spray lubricants on machinery – or spray a solvent, fixative, gelcoat, anti-foam agent or other liquid – reach for Preval. It will do the job for you quickly.

Save time and money. Add the Preval Spray Gun to your toolkit now.



   HOW TO USE.jpg

Add liquid of choice  to container jar. If using paint, thin according to manufacturer’s   directions.                      

Screw power unit onto preval container jar. If you only need to spray a small amount, any container will do. Just insert  dip tube into liquid and  Sprayray                           

Keep power unit upright when spraying; do not tip more than 45°. For best results, keep power Keep power unit upright when spraying; do not tip more than 45°. For best results, keep power unit in continual motion while spraying. After use, jars can be cleaned in soap and water, or even put in dishwasher.unit in continual motion while spraying. After use, jars can be cleaned in soap and water, or even put in dishwasher.

 You don’t have to worry about the environment when you spray, either.  Preval uses no CFCs.



The 100% glass reservoir jar is easily cleanedpreval bottle.jpg, reusable and recyclable. Preval’s glass reservoir was specially designed to withstand the impact of an 2.43 metres (8 ft.) drop onto concrete. The glass reservoir safely stores volatile liquids such as varnishes, oils and paints.


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