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18.9 Litre
Muraculon F-830 Vinyl Based Coating 18.9 litres FOR INDUSTRIAL USE...

Muraculon F-830 Vinyl Based Coating.

DESCRIPTION:  F-830 Muraculon is a vinyl based coating used to seal unskinned polyurethane foams. F-830 can also be used on molded polyurethane and closed cell foam containing vinyl.  F-830 Muraculon will produce a skin/membrane on unskinned polyurethane foam to create a barrier to moisture and chemicals. This skin has excellent resistance to fluids and petroleums. F-830 is a tough coating that adds durability to foam and imparts abrasion as well as puncture resistance.  These qualities find particular use in the medical industry, where cushioning and positioning devices are fabricated and used in sterile environments, as well as therapeutic practices. Other uses include cushioning for athletic devices, seat cushions, packaging and acoustical panels. F-830 is an excellent, cost effective replacement for Hypalon® coating.
A fast drying time.
Single component - no catalyst.   F-830 V.O.C content average 3.2 #/gal [see MSDS Sheet]