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Fl Green PDidip Pre-Thin 1ltr

Fl Green PDidip 1lt

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Fluoro Green - 1 Litre Pre-Thinned Sprayable Plasti Dip Peelable Multi-Purpose Flexible Rubber Coating. For the brightest possible colours, it is best to apply Plasti Dip Fluorescent Colours over a white base, preferably white Plasti Dip for optimum adhesion. Pre-thinned Plasti Dip is ready for spraying. Wipe surface with alcohol or our grease and wax remover prior to applying Plasti Dip to ensure surface is clean. DO NOT USE PREPSOL. Stir frequently whilst spraying to stop separation of Plasti Dip and Thinners. We recommend 5-7 thin spray coats as Plasti Dip is air cured and will not dry if applied too thickly.  Note:  Fluorescent Colours will fade if out in the Sun.

SKU : 1-10126-1000-PT
Category : Plasti Dip Fluoro 1 Pre-Thin
Brand/Manufacturer : Performix
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